DataVisor Announces UML Essentials at GMIC 2018

DataVisor’s General Manager of China, Zhong Wu, announced the launch of DataVisor’s second product – DataVisor UML Essentials at the GMIC 2018 conference in Beijing, one of the largest conferences for China tech companies.

With fraudsters and attackers becoming increasingly coordinated and able to adapt to static defenses, traditional detection solutions like rules systems and even supervised machine learning models can no longer keep up. DataVisor’s flagship product, UML Enterprise, has become the industry leader for fighting these coordinated, evolving attackers with UML.
At GMIC, Zhong Wu announced the launch of a new, streamlined product called UML Essentials. Built upon best practices from DataVisor UML Enterprise, DataVisor UML Essentials streamlines our patented fraud detection approach while reducing the barrier to entry for UML. Essentials still provides many of the core benefits of Enterprise, including production grade UML, lightning fast integration, and automated parameter tuning, while reducing the deployment time to less than a week in many cases.
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