RISE Conference: Stopping Fraud in the Era of Blockchain and AI

In the era of Blockchain and AI and an endless stream of data breaches, how can companies proactively defend against sophisticated, determined attackers? DataVisor CEO Yinglian Xie was invited by RISE Conference 2018 to share her insights into this problem on the panel “Safeguarding Security with Blockchain and AI.”

On the panel, Yinglian discusses the three things needed to effectively fight modern, coordinated fraud. Firstly, with attackers becoming increasingly skilled at camouflaging fake accounts with realistic-looking user activity, companies need cutting edge AI algorithms to detect the subtle connections between fraudulent accounts. Secondly, with the huge amount of user activity on modern internet and social platforms, companies must be able to leverage cloud infrastructure at scale to be able to analyze billions or trillions of data points efficiently. Lastly, domain expertise in security is required to properly interpret and tune the results of the AI algorithms. 

Yinglian also discusses how when startups experience meteoric success, their growth attract attackers. It is during these hyper-growth period that implementing unsupervised machine learning fraud detection is most critical. 

Watch the video from RISE 2018 to learn more >>

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