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Power Up Fraud Detection with DataVisor’s Advanced Rules Engine

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DataVisor’s Advanced Rules Engine is a powerful new component in our comprehensive suite of fraud management solutions.

The Advanced Rules Engine combines the simplicity and ease of rules with powerful AI and machine learning-enriched features. Defeat fraud with speed, scalability, and complete control.

How To Accelerate Feature Engineering From Weeks to Minutes

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With the newly-released Feature Platform, organizations can now create advanced fraud features to build sophisticated models and rules with both speed and agility.

DataVisor introduces Feature Platform, offering out-of-the-box features, feature templates, and complex featuring engineering capabilities to increase coverage and accuracy.

DataVisor Introduces dCube

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dCube is the complete AI-powered fraud management solution that enables the proactive defeat of emerging fraud.

dCube features a hyper-modern architecture to manage complex digital signals at big data scale. it enables all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform. The result is increased operational efficiency, significant financial savings, and frictionless customer experiences.