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Image_service advantage is Minimize Loss

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Minimize Fraud

Maximize your fraud coverage and minimize losses with an Integrated AI solution that combines rules and ensemble of machine learning approaches to increase detection without adding friction.

service advantage is Utilize Resources

Utilize Resources

Leverage automated investigation tools capable of powerful analytics and visualizations, enabling instant decisions and action. Ensure transparency and compliance with one-click reporting.

service advantage is Scale Business

Scale Business with

Grow your business and launch new products safely with a flexible, open platform that supports expansion across multiple business units and multiple use cases.

The Dummy Handbook on Machine Learning Fraud Detection

The Dummy Handbook on Machine Learning For Fraud Detection

Leave behind buzzwords and obfuscation to become a machine-learning fluent fraud expert.

Why Leading Brands Choose DataVisor

Hyper Scalable, Real-Time Detection

High Scalability and Big Data Architecture

DataVisor Fraud and Risk Platform can process massive amounts of data in real time — 10,000+ QPS with only 10-50 ms latency. To minimize computation costs, DataVisor builds features on top of features, so that each feature is computed only once. The platform supports both real-time and batch processing, as well as cloud and on-prem deployment.

DataVisor's approach to comprehensive fraud management features a hyper-modern architecture built to manage complex digital signals and behavior analytics using the most advanced machine learning technologies at big data scale, empowering large enterprises to identify and prevent even the most sophisticated attacks.
Integrated AI Approach with Unsupervised and Supervised Learning

Ensemble Modeling with Unsupervised and Supervised Learning

The DataVisor approach with Unsupervised Learning enables early detection and adaptive responses to fast-changing attack patterns without the need for historic loss labels or training data and without lengthy training periods. The output from the unsupervised models can serve as training data to automatically train a supervised learning model and detect additional fraud.

Fully Automated Investigation and Decisioning Framework

Complete Customer Lifecycle Protection

DataVisor delivers a comprehensive solution that protects organizations from all types of fraud at every level of the customer journey. Unlike point solutions that only address a particular use case or provide protection for a single point of entry, DataVisor assesses events holistically and across the entire customer account lifecycle .

Awards & Recognition

Trusted by Leading Brands

DataVisor is proud to protect the largest and most successful companies in the world from new and emerging fraud attacks.