Fraud Prevention Tools Webinar

Fraudsters are more sophisticated than ever. From banking fraud, to insurance fraud, to user acquisition fraud, the criminals are craftier than ever, and have an arsenal of tools and techniques available to them. The good news is that advancements in hardware and computing power now put advanced strategies like machine learning within reach of any organization.

In this webinar, you will learn about modern fraud prevention approaches, including fraud prevention tools. This look at fraud prevention tools will include rules engines and machine learning models. We will explore case studies and examples of how unsupervised analytics work in practice as fraud fighting tools to stop the bad actors before they’ve committed fraud.

Topics and Timing:

Introduction:  00:00-00:34
Reputation Lists: 00:34-04:18
Rule Engine: 4:18-8:44
Supervised Machine Learning: 8:44-17:28
Unsupervised Machine Learning: 17:28-23:50
Examples of Unsupervised Machine Learning: 23:50-29:28
Q&A: 29:28 and onward

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