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Reduce Financial Loss

Proactively defeat new and evolving attacks with a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention products.

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Enjoy seamless integration with minimal operational costs and faster time to value.

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Empower your organization to safely scale with a flexible solution that grows with your business.

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F E A T U R E   P L A T F O R M

Leverage out-of-the-box fraud feature libraries and engineer your own features to build effective fraud detection models and rules in minutes.
Data scientists and risk teams can automate feature engineering, back-test features on historical data and deploy them to production, accelerating feature engineering and model building.


About DataVisor

DataVisor is the leading fraud and risk management platform powered by transformational AI technology. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, DataVisor restores trust in digital commerce by enabling organizations to proactively detect and act on fast-evolving fraud patterns, and prevent future attacks before they happen. Combining advanced analytics and an intelligence network of more than 4B global user accounts, DataVisor protects against financial losses and reputational damage across a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, marketplaces, ecommerce, and internet platforms.

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DataVisor Fraud Management platform

"DataVisor is cool for inverting this philosophy by putting the unsupervised approach at the forefront. Its clients benefit by being able to rapidly identify previously unseen fraud attacks and by not having to spend time and resources refreshing their fraud detection models regularly."

"DataVisor’s proprietary UML dynamically analyzes accounts and clusters, which has enabled its customers to identify fraudulent activity quicker and with more accuracy than their legacy fraud applications. Customers have noted a less than 1% false-positive rate for use cases in which the DataVisor application has been deployed.”

"DataVisor’s machine learning solution is the most critical component of our fraud defense as we grow in digital space, helping us minimize customer friction while defeating fraud risk."

Richard Cooney

Head of Fraud Strategy

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