Easy and Flexible Integration

Leveraging the power of DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning is easier than you think. Depending on your existing setup, DataVisor’s solution can be an additional signal to your current system or an entire turn-key detection platform. DataVisor provides easy API integrations, along with a robust and intuitive DataVisor Threat Console for detailed forensic analysis.

DataVisor Results API

Integrate with our system using either our real-time or batch Results API. Simply provide us with your event and basic user profile data and we will provide an instant boost to your existing detection accuracy with DataVisor’s Score, along with human-understandable reason codes.

DataVisor Threat Console

The DataVisor Threat Console reveals detection results with human-understandable visualizations and forensic intelligence. It provides analysts with detailed attack visualization and user details page for further manual review. Analysts can also create custom reports and see threat trends with campaign visualizations.

Flexible Deployment Options

Public Cloud

Highly scalable solution for the largest companies

Private Cloud

High security without extensive resource investment


Data sovereignty for the highly regulated industries

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