Full-Scale Protection for Fast-Growing Mobile Applications

Fake installs, promotion abuse, and in-app purchase fraud plague even the largest mobile applications and amount to millions in financial loss every year. DataVisor stands in the gap and offers full-scale protection to stop these fraudulent attacks before damage occurs. 

Solutions for Mobile Applications

Unlike traditional solutions, DataVisor’s Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine analyzes all users and events simultaneously to find the hidden connections among them. This allows early detection of suspicious accounts, even as fraudsters change their tactics and camouflage fake installs with seemingly authentic user activity.

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App Install Fraud 

Save millions in ad spend by automatically detecting fake installs, even while attackers vary their techniques and disguise malicious activity with seemingly-legitimate user data. 

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In-App Purchase Fraud

Detect and eliminate fraudulent in-app purchases in real time and prevent charge backs by analyzing hidden networks of malicious activity, bad user events, and connections with other suspicious users. 
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Promotion Abuse

Uncover hidden connections between suspicious accounts to stop fraudsters from abusing new-player bonuses and other promos. 

Key Benefits for Mobile Application Companies

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5-20% Fraud Rate Detected

DataVisor detects fraud rates as high as 20% on paid installs from major ad networks.

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Millions in Refunds

Our customers receive millions of dollars in refunds from major ad networks for fraudulent installs. 


One-Day Integration

Minimize data processing and integration time, and get up-and-running fast with DataVisor’s flexible data structure. 

Ready to enhance your detection with unsupervised machine learning?