Grow with a Safety Net

High-growth marketplaces attract users and fraudsters alike. Today, more than ever, fake sellers and fraudulent buyers pose a serious threat to the safety and reputation of legitimate businesses. That is why leading global marketplaces rely on DataVisor to stop fraudsters in their tracks before they compromise the reputation of the platform. 
Whether it’s seller-side fraud, buyer-side fraud, or even buyer-seller collusion, DataVisor’s early detection allows marketplaces to crack down on the liabilities that all-too-often erode trust and cripple marketplace growth. Welcome to marketplace security. Reimagined.

Marketplace Solutions to Reduce Risk

Fraud begins with an account. DataVisor provides a comprehensive fraud-detection platform to address the full complexity of marketplace risk. Detect fraudulent buyer-seller accounts at the time of account opening, expose incubating accounts, and conduct business knowing your platform is safe and secure. 

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Seller-Side Risk

Prevent fraudulent sellers from mass-registering fake accounts to posting fraudulent product listings, scamming buyers, phishing and spaming good customers, and other malicious activities.
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Buyer-Side Risk

Maintain the hard-earned trust in your platform and retain good customers by preventing account takeovers and fraudulent purchases. 

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Buyer-Seller Collusion

Mitigate the threat of money laundering, promo abuse and other types of collusion by continuing monitoring both buyer and seller behavior.

DataVisor. One Powerful Platform.

Identify and Stop Sophisticated Fraud Attacks

With its massively scalable detection engine, DataVisor is able to track and detect activities and registration events that are initiated by bots or device farms, preventing mass registration of fake sellers or buyers.

Automated Feedback Loop

Interactive user interface allows analysts to evaluate results and provide inputs to auto- tune the models, dramatically reducing the cost associated with manually updating rules or tuning models. 

Elevate Your View

Real-time threat dashboards offer up-to-date statistics of user activity, incubating accounts, geographic hot spots, fraud attacks and their origins for in-depth understanding of user accounts and their actions.

What's Happening in Marketplace Fraud

The holiday season provides fraudsters a perfect ground to attack. DataVisor’s Unsupervised Machine Learning can help buyers & sellers in marketplace.

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The first step for fraudsters to commit an intended fraud on a given platform begins with fake account creation. Learn how AI and Machine Learning can help reduce fake account creation.

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Ready to enhance your detection with unsupervised machine learning?