If You’re Just Keeping Up, It’s Already Too Late

When it comes to compromising social platforms, it takes only one malicious attack to undermine the reputation of a platform. That’s why social platforms across the globe rely on early detection from DataVisor. With full-scale protection against spam, harmful postings, and various forms of content abuse, DataVisor detects and eliminates these threats at the source, thereby reinforcing the delicate thread of trust between business and consumer.

Restoring Reputations. Restoring Safety.

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Mass Registration

Stop fraudsters from building whole armies of fake accounts that could infiltrate and damage your brand image. 

Content Abuse

Detect spam, phishing and other malicious content that result in poor experience for good users.

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Spam and Fake Reviews

Safeguard the integrity of your platform by preventing users from sending spam or creating fake reviews.

The Detection is Ours. The Decision is Yours.

Complete Control

DataVisor caters to the risk appetite of individual organizations allowing them to determine alert thresholds, set prioritization rules, auto-block, take bulk actions and more.

Granular Insights

Administrative console allows users to create and categorize fraud use cases so they triage activities that have the most negative impact on business results.

Signals Deconstructed

Auto tagging transactions with customized labels allows analysts to proactively track characteristics of fraudulent behavior for proactive detection.

Work Hard to Earn Customer Trust. Work Smart to Keep It.

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Real-Time Fraud Detection

Catch upwards of 90% of fraudulent applications created with stolen or synthetic identities in real time. 


Reduced Manual Overhead

Experience an 800% reduction in manual review efforts, and free up your team from the burden of decision-making.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Predict and prevent suspicious activity with 99% accuracy. Social commerce fraud doesn’t stand a chance. 

Learn How Customers Have Benefited from DataVisor Solutions

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“DataVisor’s user analytics are an important part of our spam detection system and helps prevent malicious accounts from interacting with real users and businesses.”

– Jim Blomo
Engineering Manager @ Yelp

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“DataVisor has provided a boost to both our spam coverage as well as our spam detection speed. On the coverage front, after DataVisor was integrated, we catch about 80% of our high risk spammers on the day they sign up.”

– Sriguru Chakravarthi
Protect & Integrity @ Pinterest

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DCube is the complete AI-powered fraud management solution that puts control in the hands of fraud and data science teams to proactively defeat emerging fraud.

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