Full-Scale Protection for Telecom Providers

Armed with synthetic or stolen identities, fraudsters leverage the convenience of online applications to buy expensive equipment to resell in foreign markets at a profit. Other bad actors make spam and phishing calls to harass good telecom subscribers, or even take over accounts with the intent to gain access to sensitive financial information. In most cases, telecom providers incur financial damage from delinquent accounts and customer detraction.
DataVisor detects and exposes fraudulent subscribers, thereby helping telecom providers mitigate financial loss from fraudulent accounts and account takeovers.

Solutions for Telecom

DataVisor offers a comprehensive fraud-detection platform that stops highly-coordinated, malicious behavior from targeting Telecom providers. Our industry-leading technology makes reputational and financial risk a problem of the past.
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Subscription Fraud 

Fraudsters use fake or stolen identities to open a vast number of malicious accounts that avoid detection of rule-based engines and blacklists. DataVisor’s early detection prevents fake accounts from ever being opened, and stops malicious attacks before they result in reputational damage and/or financial loss. 

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Account Takeover

Fraudsters attack the weakest points in a system. They do so with the intent to gain access to legitimate users’ accounts and their sensitive financial information or to add new devices to contracts. DataVisor catches entire crime rings of hijacked accounts, at login, and before any downstream damage occurs.
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Spam and Phishing

Bad actors harass good users with telemarketing calls and the more nefarious phishing calls. DataVisor detects 45% of these fraudsters within 24 hours of registration, and 52% of them within five calls. Less spam results in happier customers.

DataVisor. One Powerful Solution.

DataVisor Enterprise takes a holistic approach to analyze subscription fraud and to detect the hidden connections that may appear legitimate when viewed in isolation. Stop fraud in real time, maintain hard-earned integrity and reputation, and deliver a seamless and safe experience for customers. Only with DataVisor.

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Early Detection

DataVisor Enterprise automatically searches new attack patterns, trends, and suspicious correlations. Our industry-leading detection solution catches and exposes subscription fraud before any financial or reputational loss ever takes place.
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Immediate Results

Unsupervised machine learning technology are designed for immediate integration and optimal performance from the moment they are deployed. DataVisor’s unrivaled speed and accuracy delivers exceptional value in telecom fraud detection. 


Growth Optimized

DataVisor weeds out bad users and promotes an overall positive and safe customer experience. Eliminate spam and telemarketing calls, and create a frictionless experience for good customers. That’s the DataVisor way.

Ready to enhance your detection with unsupervised machine learning?