Detect Spam, Scams, Fake Listings and Other Malicious Content in Real Time

Leverage advanced machine learning techniques and holistic data analysis to reveal suspicious patterns and hidden connections that point to bot-scripted and malicious content, and make intelligent bulk decisions to block and purge it.

Detection uplift
Detection Uplift

Capture significantly more fraud to increase security and power growth.

Detection Accuracy

Achieve high accuracy and low false positives for positive customer experiences.

Annual Savings

Increase operational efficiency and reduce overhead ocsts

Trust and Safety for Marketplaces

Quickly flag and remove fraudulent product listings, and prevent abusive spam attacks to protect buyers and sellers on the platform. Safeguard against bad actors and reward good users with positive experiences. Protect your platforms against both bot-powered and human-operated digital attacks.

Transaction Fraud -2

Zero Exposure to Fraudulent Content for Good Customers

Flag malicious accounts early at the point of registration, and block incubating accounts before any damage can happen. Establish comprehensive protection on day one to ensure good customers have zero exposure to malicious and damaging content.


Early, Proactive Detection

Incubating Account Identification

No Need for Historical Data

100x Increases in Review Efficiency

100x Increases in Review Efficiency

Confidently make bulk decisions that can be simultaneously applied to thousands of correlated cases, and automate actions for high-confidence results to boost manual review efficiency and eliminate alert fatigue resulting from large alert volumes and high manual review demand.


Real-time Decision-Making

Bulk Decisioning

Auto-Actions with High-Confidence Results

Stop Fake Listings and Scams with Advanced AI

Analyze context and linkages to uncover new fraud patterns, and discover fraudster activity early, at the registration stage. Create frictionless experiences for good customers, and purge damaging content.