Block Application Fraud and Prevent Downstream Damage

Stop first-party, third-party and synthetic fraud at the gate. Surface coordinated groups of fake applicants with holistic data analysis. Uncover suspicious behavior and cross-account linkages, and track digital fingerprints to spot fraud early.

Additional Fraud Captured

Capture significantly more fraud to increase security and power growth.

Detection Accuracy

Achieve high accuracy and low false positives for positive customer experiences.

Annual Savings

fraud losses and operational savings in USD

Protection Against Identity Fraud

Expose malicious use of personal information obtained through data breaches and social engineering. Uncover incubating synthetic accounts and expose pending bust-out frauds. Defuse coordinated attacks and reveal correlations between high volumes of fraudulent applications.

Early Detection to Stop Downstream Damage

Protect against application fraud across online and mobile channels. Stay ahead of rapidly changing attack patterns with advanced machine learning and holistic data analysis. Uncover connections between fraudulent applications and expose and block previously undetected fraud patterns to stop damage before it happens.

First Party Fraud

Third Party Fraud

Synthetic Identity Fraud

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Create frictionless customer onboarding experiences for good applicants. Ensure applications get approved without delay and keep the process free of complicated verification processes. Delight good customers and confidently increase conversion rates for new account openings.

Real-Time Detection

Low False Positive Rates

Unrivaled Accuracy

Expedited Reviews and Increased Operational Efficiency

Increase review efficiency by detecting and eliminating fraudulent applications simultaneously. Examine cross-account linkages and review detailed reason codes to make good decisions and confidently apply them to entire fraud rings.

100x Increase in Review Efficiency

Bulk Decisions for Correlated Cases

Auto-Actions with High-Confidence Results

Stop Application Fraud with Advanced AI

Leverage the power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning technologies to proactively detect fast-changing attack patterns and capture entire fraud rings before any financial loss occurs.