Anti-Money Laundering

Prevent financial loss and reputational damage and rapidly adapt to new and evolving money laundering tactics and techniques to terminate fraudulent activities in real time.

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Expose Fraudulent Activity

Rely on powerful unsupervised machine learning capabilities to expose and defuse known and unknown attack techniques. Adapt quickly to evolving money laundering strategies free of the need for historic labels or lengthy training cycles.

Image for Mule Accounts
Mule Accounts

Stop money-launderers using stolen or synthetic identities to create fraudulent accounts.

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Review and analyze networks of transactions to detect and eliminate money launderers.

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Recognize and block fraudsters attempting to mask money flow.


to Manage the Complete AML Risk Lifecycle


Complete Fraud Platform

Augmentation and Automation

Catch sophisticated money launderers with the comprehensive fraud management solution that combines unsupervised machine learning algorithms with powerful enterprise workflows. Perform global network detection to holistically reveal money laundering patterns, while lowering false positives and ensuring operational efficiency.


Managed Fraud Services

Real-Time Detection

Detect hidden networks of money laundering activity with a robust fraud detection solution that combines adaptive machine learning technology and powerful investigative workflows to deliver real-time fraud analytics. Triage alerts effectively, and build a robust AML infrastructure to prevent reputational and financial damage.

Fast Detection for Faster Investigations

Image for Real-Time Signals
Real-Time Signals

Adapts to new and evolving money laundering tactics and techniques; stop fraudulent activities in real time.

Image for Swift Investigations
Swift Investigations

Automatically receive detailed analysis on linked accounts and suspicious attributes to accelerate investigations.

Image for Explainable Results
Explainable Results

Bridge the gap between machine learning techniques and compliance requirements with human-understandable reasons.


Intelligent solutions. Informed decisions. Unrivaled results.

Taming the AML Beast

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Detect, deter, and defeat known and known money-laundering attacks.

AI-powered fraud management solutions have risen up to offer substantive answers to the challenges of pervasive money-laundering, and these new tools and technologies are uniquely capable of detecting even the most sophisticated networks. Discover how your organization can detect attacks, manage…

DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q1 2019

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Access proprietary data and research results to discover the latest attack techniques and prevention strategies.

Download the Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report from DataVisor to receive unparalleled data-driven insights into the latest attack trends, and the most effective prevention strategies, based on analysis of over 44 billion events, 800 million users, 396 million IP addresses, and more.

AML Transaction Monitoring

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Learn more about how DataVisor uses unsupervised machine learning to reduce false positives and false negatives.

Learn more about how DataVisor uses unsupervised machine learning to reduce false positives and false negatives.

Disable money-laundering networks.

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