Transaction Fraud

Stay ahead of rapidly-evolving attack patterns to prevent financial loss by searching out new patterns, trends, and suspicious correlations.

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Flag Malicious Accounts and Fradulent Transactions

Deploy proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms to detect significantly more fraudulent transactions. Capture new and fast-evolving fraud patterns without the need for historic labels, large datasets, or training time. Enjoy immediate financial benefits by detecting fraudulent accounts before they can conduct damaging transactions.

Image for Card Not Present
Card Not Present

Fight CNP fraud by analyzing structured and unstructured digital signals in real time.

Image for Real-Time Payments
Real-Time Payments

Prevent fraudulent account openings with continuous monitoring for suspicious transfer requests.

Image for Digital Wallets
Digital Wallets

Protect against malicious breaches that lead to total account takeover and financial loss.


Measurable, actionable, impactful.


detection accuracy

Prevent Emerging Fraud with Speed and Precision.

Rely on stable, failure-free fraud signals, and receive real-time detection results at lightning speed. View all accounts and their associated activities simultaneously, and surface suspicious correlations using advanced unsupervised machine learning. Combine internal data with global intelligence to demonstrably improve overall detection performance.


detection lift

Reduce False Positives and Increase Organizational Savings

Detect fraud with unrivaled accuracy and benefit from false positive rates of 0.9% to save millions in chargeback costs. Spot known and unknown fraud attacks while still in development, and prevent fraudulent transactions from slipping through detection systems. Increase overall savings with increased operational efficiency.

Protection Against Known and Unknown Fraud

Image for New Pattern Recognition
New Pattern Recognition

Surface new patterns, spot trends, and identify suspicious correlations without historic labels.

Image for Minimal Maintenance
Minimal Maintenance

Maintain high model performance over time without the need for constant retuning.

Image for Immediate Results
Immediate Results

Integrate solutions quickly, and achieve optimal performance from the moment models are deployed.


Intelligent solutions. Informed decisions. Unrivaled results.

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DataVisor’s Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report delivers deep insights into the latest attack trends and the most effective fraud prevention strategies.

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Adapt rapidly to transaction fraud.

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