Fraud Management for Insurance

Detect fraudulent claims and applications, spot collusion in vertical relationships, and prevent dishonest agents from deceiving insurers.

See for yourself how DataVisor delivers immediate ROI with up to 100X increased operational efficiency with a free 30-day trial.

“DataVisor provides a highly scalable application that analyzes all accounts, events, and transactions, including structured and unstructured data, simultaneously to create suspicious clusters of activity. DataVisor's proprietary Unsupervised Machine Learning has enabled its customers to identify fraudulent activity quicker and with more accuracy than their solutions. Customers have noted a less than 1% false positive rate for use cases in which the DataVisor application has been deployed.”

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Fraud Management in Banking 2020 Vendor Assessment

Comprehensive Fraud & Risk Management for Insurance Providers

Safeguard customer accounts, spot false claims and fraudulent payments, and ensure seamless experiences for good customers.

Solutions for Every Fraud Type

Health Insurance

Protect health insurance providers from fast-evolving insurance fraud by using machine learning, rules and Global Intelligence Network to spot fraudulent claims and capture collusion among agents, customers, and healthcare providers. Boost investigation efficiency and empower contextual decisions with linkage analysis.

Auto Insurance

Safeguard car insurance providers from personal and commercial vehicle fraud, promotion abuse, false claims, agent fraud with DataVisor’s proprietary machine learning, rules and Global Intelligence Network. Enhance operational efficiency by 10-100x with linkage analysis, auto detection and bulk actions.

Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance

Data-Driven Insights

Process structured and unstructured data with feature engineering to identify common fraud patterns and correlations.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Prevent fraudulent claims and applications with 99%+ accuracy. Detect collusion and agent fraud with consistency and confidence.

Reduced Overhead

Automate decisioning processes, reduce manual review efforts, prioritize highly suspicious insurance cases, and free up teams from the burden of intensive reviews.

"DataVisor’s machine learning solution is the most critical component of our fraud defense as we grow in the digital space, helping us minimize customer friction while defeating fraud risk."

Richard Cooney

|Head of Fraud Strategy

The Datavisor Platform

Data Integration

Ingest structured and unstructured data from omnichannel sources

Feature Engineering

Create advanced fraud features to enhance models and rules


Defeat fast-evolving fraud patterns with adaptive machine learning


Take actions in real time to mitigate fraud and delight good customers


Review cases with a linkage view and uncover new fraud patterns