Fraud Management for Marketplaces

Preserve trust and stop fraud and abuse before damage happens. Detect fraudulent buyer-seller accounts at the time of account opening, expose incubating accounts, and eliminate buyer-seller collusion.

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Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

Prevent fraudsters from mass-registering fake accounts, and eliminate and block fraudulent product listings. Deter bad actors from scamming legitimate buyers and spamming good customers. Maintain the hard-earned trust in your platform by preventing account takeovers and fraudulent purchases.

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Track and detect activities and registration events initiated by bots or device farms to block fake sellers and buyers.

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Automatic Feedback Loops

Provide inputs to auto-tune models and reduce costs associated with manually updating rules or tuning models.

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Elevated View

Leverage up-to-date statistics on user activity, incubating accounts, geographic hot spots, and fraud attacks.

Client Success Stories

Keeping Platforms Safe: AI and Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Performance highlights for clients include: 99% of all spammers caught10k+ fake reviews prevented per day99.5% detection accuracy…

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DataVisor Enables Top Online Marketplace to Defeat Mass Registrations and Fake Listings

Learn how our client was able to: Block nearly 90% of malicious accounts before a first attack.Improve detection accuracy by 20%+ over existing solutions.Boost efficiency with auto-action on over 65% of detected accounts.

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Top E-Commerce Platform Leverages DataVisor to Reach Real Customers and Prevent Promotion Abuse

Read this case study to learn how DataVisor detected hundreds of thousands of fake accounts with 99.5% accuracy.

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Keep your platform safe and secure.

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