Ensure Only Good Customers Benefit from Your Promotions

Leverage advanced machine learning and linkage analysis to proactively neutralize suspicious accounts at the source, to block fraudsters from abusing promotion codes, offers and more.

Detection Uplift

Capture significantly more fraud to increase security and power growth.

Detection Accuracy

Achieve high accuracy and low false positives for positive customer experiences.

Annual Savings

Increase operational efficiency and reduce overhead ocsts

Accurate Targeting to Real Customers

Prevent financial loss resulting from payouts to promo abusers with a powerful combination of advanced machine learning algorithms, big data analytics, and real-time detection capabilities. Accurately and consistently distinguish between good customers and fraudsters, and ensure promotions only reach legitimate targets.

Early Protection for New Promotions

Protect new businesses and new promotions against fast-evolving abuse techniques from day one, without the need for historical data or labels. Detect fake accounts at the registration stage, stop bot-scripted activities at scale, and ensure optimal execution of promotion strategies.

New Attack Detection

Bot Attack Detection

No Need for Historical Data

Reduced Overhead and Increased Efficiency

Reduce time spent on unnecessary manual review, and increase operational efficiency. Automatically block fake accounts, neutralize malicious users, and stop promo abuse. Review hundreds of linked accounts simultaneously to make intelligent bulk decisions with full confidence.

Real-Time Results

Bulk Decisions

Automated Actions

Holistic Analysis for Enhanced Coverage

Efficiently handle fraudulent accounts by detecting them at scale and acting on them in bulk. Analyze actions, accounts, and digital fingerprints holistically to expose suspicious patterns and coordinated activity. Capture promo abusers before damage occurs, and save millions in fraud losses.

Behaviors and Activities

Digital Fingerprints

Cross-Account Linkages

Prevent Damaging Promo Abuse with Advanced AI

Consistently produce reliable results with high accuracy, capture fraudulent accounts at the point of registration, and implement scalable solutions for multiple regions and businesses. Ensure valuable promotions reach real customers, and power ongoing business growth.