Account Takeover

Protect good customers by uncovering large-scale ATO attacks in real time, and safeguard existing accounts against new and emerging fraud.

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"New fraud attacks are happening with such speed and sophistication that rule-based and traditional risk scoring models cannot keep up."

Begin Investing Now in Enhanced Machine Learning Capabilities For Fraud Detection

Early ATO Detection at the Point of Compromise

Capture fraudsters who use breached data or social engineering to hijack accounts for brute force attacks, or for use as mule accounts. Detect ATO in real time, at the point of compromise, to minimize risk for good customers.

Credential Stuffing

Mule Accounts

Social Engineering

Enhanced Coverage for Hard-to-Detect Attacks

Expand coverage for vulnerable dormant accounts, and expose fraudsters who mimic good user behavior. Defeat auto-scripted ATO at scale, and uncover cross-account linkages to deter coordinated attacks, with solutions powered by proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms.

Dormant Account Vulnerabilities

Stealthy Behavior and Mimicry

Large-Scale Coordinated Attacks

Accurate Customer Behavior Assessment

Accurately assess behavior changes to ensure friction-free experiences for good customers and early capture of malicious ATO. Track anomalous behavior at the account level, while simultaneously leveraging intelligence from more than 1 trillion events analyzed in DataVisor’s Global Intelligence Network.

High Accuracy

Low False Positives

Global Intelligence

Proactive Detection and Holistic Analysis

Detect and prevent new and fast-evolving ATO attack patterns without dependence on legacy knowledge or historical labels. Draw on advanced unsupervised machine learning capabilities to view all accounts and activities holistically, and take early action to prevent downstream damage.

Transaction Fraud

Phishing, Spam, and Promo Abuse

Virtual Currency Fraud

Defeat Sophisticated ATO with Advanced AI

Detect and prevent even the most sophisticated ATO attacks before damage happens. Eliminate false positives, and consistently deliver friction-free experiences to good customers.

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