Fraud Management for Marketplaces

Preserve trust and stop fraud and abuse before damage happens. Detect fraudulent accounts at the time of account opening, expose incubating accounts, and eliminate promotion abuse and buyer-seller collusion.

See for yourself how DataVisor delivers immediate ROI with up to 100X increased operational efficiency with a free 30-day trial.

"DataVisor is cool for inverting this philosophy by putting the unsupervised machine learning approach in the forefront. Its clients benefit by being able to rapidly identify previously unseen fraud attacks and by not having to spend time and resources refreshing their fraud detection models regularly."

Gartner Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection, 2020

Continuous Protection for Your Marketplace Throughout the Entire Customer Journey

Protect your marketplace and inspire trust by enabling secure, seamless experiences for good customers with AI-powered fraud and risk management.

Solutions for Every Fraud Type

Fake Listing and Scam

Preserve trust to increase user engagement and retention, and safeguard against financial loss, customer churn, and brand damage.

Account Takeover

Protect good customers by uncovering large-scale ATO attacks in real time, and safeguard existing accounts against new and emerging fraud.

Promotion Abuse and Buyer-Seller Collusion

Prevent financial loss, preserve brand reputation, and ensure valuable promotions reach real customers.

Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance

Prevent fraudsters from mass-registering fake accounts, and eliminate and block fraudulent product listings. Deter bad actors from scamming legitimate buyers and spamming good customers. Maintain the hard-earned trust in your platform by preventing account takeovers and fraudulent purchases.


Track and detect activities and registration events initiated by bots or device farms to block fake sellers and buyers.

Automatic Feedback Loops

Provide inputs to auto-tune models and reduce costs associated with manually updating rules or tuning models.

Elevated View

Leverage up-to-date statistics on user activity, incubating accounts, geographic hot spots, and fraud attacks.

"With DataVisor and unsupervised machine learning, we were able to identify and stop mass-scale fraud attacks before they had any effect on our users."

Steve Knopf

|Vice President of Trust and Safety

The Datavisor Platform

Data Integration

Ingest structured and unstructured data from omnichannel sources

Feature Engineering

Create advanced fraud features to enhance models and rules


Defeat fast-evolving fraud patterns with adaptive machine learning


Take actions in real time to mitigate fraud and delight good customers


Review cases with a linkage view and uncover new fraud patterns