Fraud Management for Social Platforms

Build and maintain trust, preserve platform integrity, and reward good customers by purging toxic content and malicious users.

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Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

Image for Real-Time Detection
Real-Time Detection

Capture fraudulent applications created with stolen or synthetic identities in real time to ensure bespoke platform security.

Image for Reduced Overhead
Reduced Overhead

Experience reductions in manual review efforts, and free up your team from the burdens of decision-making.

Image for Unparalleled Accuracy
Unparalleled Accuracy

Predict and prevent suspicious activity with 99%+ accuracy. Detect, deter, and prevent social commerce fraud with consistency and confidence.

Client Success Stories

Learn how Yelp Stops Fake Accounts with DataVisor

Learn how Yelp stops fake users with DataVisor’s fraud solutions, and connects real users with great businesses.

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DataVisor Empowers Global Social Platform to Stop ATO and Spam Before Damage Occurs

A leading global social commerce platform with over 250 million monthly active users was losing the battle against ATO fraud. Attackers were taking over user accounts in bulk and spamming legitimate users. The brand’s reputation was…

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Large Mobile C2C Marketplace Uses DataVisor to Create a Trustworthy and Safe Platform

DataVisor helped protect a large, mobile P2P Marketplace from fraud and abuse using Unsupervised Machine Learning.

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Built trust and preserve integrity.

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