Content Moderation

Stop spam, scams, and fake reviews before they get posted. Protect good users and maintain platform integrity.

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“With DataVisor and unsupervised machine learning, we were able to identify and stop mass scale fraud attacks before they had any effect on our users.”

Steve Knopf, Vice President of Trust and Safety, Letgo

Content Moderation for Platform Integrity

Keep your platform safe and prevent customer churn by establishing and maintaining a fraud-free community. Block malicious content before it gets posted, at the point of account registration. Eliminate toxic content and willful platform misuse.

Fake Listings and Reviews

Spam and Scams

Phishing and Toxic Content

Holistic Analysis for Enhanced Coverage

Boost detection coverage by holistically analyzing content across accounts, and exposing the coordinated activity behind attacks. Leverage unsupervised machine learning technology to draw intelligence from big data and uncover hidden correlations between fraudulent accounts and malicious actions.

Content and Metadata

Behaviors and Activities

Cross-Account Linkages

Reduced Overhead and Increased Efficiency

Automatically block fake accounts, neutralize malicious users, and purge damaging content. Review hundreds of linked accounts simultaneously to make intelligent bulk decisions with full confidence. Reduce time spent on unnecessary manual review, and increase operational efficiency.

Real-Time Results

Bulk Decisions

Automated Actions

Early Detection to Prevent Early Victims

Detect and remove inappropriate content before good users are negatively impacted. Use unsupervised machine learning to capture new fraud patterns without no delays from label collection and model training. Take immediate and rapid actions with full automation.

No Early Victims

No Need for Historical Labels

No Decision Delays

Enhance Content Moderation with Advanced AI

Protect your platform and your users from spam, scams, and toxic content. Ensure extraordinary experiences for good customers by maintaining a fraud-free environment.

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