Content Moderation and Filtering

Safeguard platform quality and reputation by removing and preventing spam, and ensuring the validity of published content using advanced pattern analysis to correlate user behavior.

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Defense for High-Growth Companies

Fraudsters pose a serious threat to the safety and reputation of legitimate businesses. Attackers simulate legitimate user activity by uploading content scraped from other sites, and go virtually undetected by rules engines and human reviewers. Cybercriminals also employ a range of techniques to bypass CAPTCHAs and create realistic reviews and spam. The DataVisor approach meets these threats with a massively scaleable detection engine that correlates behavior across accounts, instead of merely viewing accounts in isolation. With industry-leading technology, DataVisor’s solutions can stop fraudulent attacks that originate from new account registrations, and incapacitate incubating accounts before they ever cause damage.


Online marketplaces with product listings and customer reviews require moderation to maintain integrity.

Social Platforms

Social messaging platforms require 24/7 vigilance to filter out spam and inappropriate content.

User-Generated Content

Enterprise companies need scalable technology to detect and eliminate malicious user-generated content, before irreversible damage occurs.

Real Solutions in Real Time

Immediate Action

Detect fake listings and reviews the moment they’re posted. Safeguard your brand, control your content, and deliver great customer experiences.

Expose the Source

Identify and remove spammers within two days of sign-up. Spot spam content with the fastest detection rate in the industry. Protect your brand image and user experience from being compromised by corrupt or irrelevant outgoing spam links.

Retain Loyal Customers

Weed out bad users and promote positive customer experiences. Reward loyal customers, users, fans, and followers who enjoy a frictionless experience.

Client Success Stories

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