Fake Accounts

Proactively block the mass registration of fake accounts to prevent downstream financial loss, brand damage, and customer churn.

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Proactive Detection at Scale, Before Damage Happens

Successfully combat bot-powered mass registration attacks with a powerful combination of advanced machine learning algorithms, big data analytics, and real-time detection capabilities. Accurately and consistently distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent registrations at scale.

Fake Accounts, Illegitimate Users

Stolen Identities

Device and IP Obfuscation

Holistic Analysis to Expose Hidden Account Connections

Discover hidden connections between connected accounts to capture entire fraud rings. Leverage holistic data analysis of user histories, behavior changes, and suspicious patterns across millions of accounts to reveal the digital footprints of bot-powered registrations.

Behaviors and Activities

Content and Metadata

Digital Footprints

Continuous Protection for Good Customers

Safeguard every good customer’s journey from day one by accurately distinguishing between legitimate and fake accounts at the point of registration. Capture incubating accounts early to prevent downstream damage, and preserve platform trust and safety to ensure exceptional experiences for good customers.

Early Detection

Protection for All Fraud Scenarios

No Need for Historical Data

Expedited Reviews and Increased Operational Efficiency

Detect and eliminate thousands of fraudulent cases simultaneously by confidently making bulk decisions for entire fraud rings. Increase review efficiency and reduce overhead with automated blocks and quarantines. Eliminate alert fatigue resulting from large alert volumes and high manual review rates.

100x Increase in Review Efficiency

Bulk Decisions for Entire Fraud Rings

Auto-Actions with High-Confidence Results

Stop the Mass Registration of Fake Accounts with Advanced AI

Predict and prevent suspicious activity with 99%+ accuracy, reduce overhead and boost review efficiency by up to 100x, and block fake accounts at the gate to protect good customers throughout the lifecycle of their journey.

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