Mass Registration Fraud

Build trust in your marketplace by ridding your platform of fake buyers and sellers. Leverage early detection capabilities to defuse pending attacks before they can launch.

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Uncover Hidden Connections

Combat the increasing prevalence of bot-powered mass registration attacks by deploying a powerful combination of advanced algorithms, big data analytics, and real-time detection capabilities. Analyze user histories, behavior changes, and suspicious patterns across millions of accounts. Accurately and consistently distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent registrations, and capture attacks from both recently registered and incubating accounts.

Image for Fake Users
Fake Users

Accurately identify simulated user activity and purge illegitimate accounts.

Image for Stolen Identities
Stolen Identities

Distinguish authentic accounts from fraudulent ones to protect good customers.

Image for Device and IP Obfuscation
Device and IP Obfuscation

Reveal fabricated devices and locations to deter coordinated fraud attacks.

Accurate Detection at Scale

Image for Early Signals
Early Signals

Detect malicious intent at the point of registration, and prevent downstream damage.

Image for Accuracy and Coverage
Accuracy and Coverage

Analyze hidden connections between accounts to detect more attacks while lowering false positives.

Image for Unknown Threat Detection
Unknown Threat Detection

Uncover new and evolving attack patterns with no need for training data or labels.

Client Success Stories

Keeping Platforms Safe: AI and Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Performance highlights for clients include: 99% of all spammers caught10k+ fake reviews prevented per day99.5% detection accuracy…

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Large Mobile C2C Marketplace Uses DataVisor to Create a Trustworthy and Safe Platform

DataVisor helped protect a large, mobile P2P Marketplace from fraud and abuse using Unsupervised Machine Learning.

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DataVisor Enables Top Online Marketplace to Defeat Mass Registrations and Fake Listings

Learn how our client was able to: Block nearly 90% of malicious accounts before a first attack.Improve detection accuracy by 20%+ over existing solutions.Boost efficiency with auto-action on over 65% of detected accounts.

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