Fraud Management for Social Platforms

Maintain safe and secure platforms by purging spam, harmful posts, and fake users. Reward good customers by identifying and removing malicious bad actors.

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Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

Image for Real-Time Detection
Real-Time Detection

Capture fraudulent applications created with stolen or synthetic identities in real time to ensure bespoke platform security.

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Reduced Overhead

Experience reductions in manual review efforts, and free up your team from the burdens of decision-making.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Predict and prevent suspicious activity with 99%+ accuracy. Detect, deter, and prevent social commerce fraud with consistency and confidence.

Product Suite

to protect your community

Safety and Security

Protect against mass registration, content abuse, spam, fake reviews, and more. Proactively stop massive, bot-powered attacks with advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Preserve integrity and safety with the comprehensive fraud management solution that combines transformational AI-powered technology with enterprise workflows to neutralize malicious attacks.

Early Detection and Accuracy

Protect your organization with a robust fraud detection solution that combines adaptive machine learning technology and powerful investigative workflows to deliver real-time fraud signals. Accurately detect spam, phishing, and other malicious content. Protect good customers by purging bad actors.

Client Success Stories

Learn how Yelp Stops Fake Accounts with DataVisor

Learn how Yelp stops fake users with DataVisor’s fraud solutions, and connects real users with great businesses.

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Spam & Abuse at Momo

DataVisor has partnered with Momo for more than two years to help them take on fraudulent account creations and compromised accounts.

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Large Mobile C2C Marketplace Uses DataVisor to Create a Trustworthy and Safe Platform

DataVisor helped protect a large, mobile P2P Marketplace from fraud and abuse using Unsupervised Machine Learning.

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Intelligent solutions. Informed decisions. Unrivaled results.

Fighting Fraud with Machine Learning: Stories from the Frontline

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5 stories. 5 victories against fraud. See how organizations across industries are proactively defeating attacks.

Organizations across industries are preserving online trust and defeating fraud with advanced machine learning solutions from DataVisor. This collection of case studies shows how clients in e-commerce, social, and financial services are defending their platforms against reputational and financial…

Inverting The Fraud Approach: Fraudsters Can Check In, But Never Leave

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Discover how your organization can benefit from BBVA’s unconventionally successful approach to fraud management.

Discover how your organization can benefit from BBVA’s unconventionally successful approach to fraud management.

DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q1 2019

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Access proprietary data and research results to discover the latest attack techniques and prevention strategies.

Download the Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report from DataVisor to receive unparalleled data-driven insights into the latest attack trends, and the most effective prevention strategies, based on analysis of over 44 billion events, 800 million users, 396 million IP addresses, and more.

Preserve safety, security, and trust.

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