Fraud Management for Social Platforms

Build and maintain trust, preserve platform integrity, and reward good customers by purging toxic content and malicious users.

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"DataVisor is cool for inverting this philosophy by putting the unsupervised machine learning approach in the forefront. Its clients benefit by being able to rapidly identify previously unseen fraud attacks and by not having to spend time and resources refreshing their fraud detection models regularly."

Gartner Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection, 2020

Continuous Protection for Your Social Platform Across Every User Interaction

Protect your platform and users from fraud, content abuse and fake promotions, and inspire trust by enabling seamless interactions and experiences.

Solutions for Every Fraud Type

Fake Accounts

Proactively block the mass registration of fake accounts to prevent downstream financial loss, brand damage, and customer churn.

Content Moderation

Safeguard platform quality and reputation by removing and preventing spam, and ensuring the validity of published content using advanced pattern analysis to correlate user behavior.

Bot Attacks

Protect your platform against the speed, scale, and complexity of modern, bot-powered fraud attacks.

Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance

Real Time Detection

Real-Time Detection

Capture fraudulent applications created with stolen or synthetic identities in real time to ensure bespoke platform security.

Reduced Overhead

Experience reductions in manual review efforts, and free up your team from the burdens of decision-making.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Predict and prevent suspicious activity with 99%+ accuracy. Detect, deter, and prevent social commerce fraud with consistency and confidence.

"With DataVisor and unsupervised machine learning, we were able to identify and stop mass-scale fraud attacks before they had any effect on our users."

Steve Knopf

|Vice President of Trust and Safety

The Datavisor Platform

Data Integration

Ingest structured and unstructured data from omnichannel sources

Feature Engineering

Create advanced fraud features to enhance models and rules


Defeat fast-evolving fraud patterns with adaptive machine learning


Take actions in real time to mitigate fraud and delight good customers


Review cases with a linkage view and uncover new fraud patterns