Fraud Management for Telecom Providers

Accurately identify malicious use of synthetic and stolen identities. Prevent financial loss from fraudulent subscribers and stop spam and phishing attacks.

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Solutions for Every Fraud Type

Subscription Fraud

Prevent fake accounts from being opened, and stops malicious attacks before they result in damage.

Account Takeover

Catch hijacked accounts at login and protect sensitive data by preempting attacks.

Spam and Phishing

Detect fraudsters within hours of registration and eliminate malicious content before it spreads.

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Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

Image for Early Detection
Early Detection

Uncover new attack patterns, trends, and suspicious correlations. Catch and expose fraud before financial and reputational damage occurs.

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Immediate Results

Rapidly integrate unsupervised machine learning capabilities and benefit from optimal performance immediately upon deployment.

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Frictionless Experiences

Purge bad users and promote positive engagement by eliminating spam and telemarketing and creating seamless experiences for good customers.

Product Suite

to preserve integrity and reputation


Complete Fraud Platform

Stop Coordinated Malicious Behavior

Protect against known and unknown attacks by exposing hidden connections between fraudulent accounts with advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Ensure world-class experiences for customers by leveraging the comprehensive fraud management solution that combines transformational AI-powered technology with enterprise workflows to neutralize attacks before damage happens.


Managed Fraud Services

Get Real-Time Fraud Signals

Protect your organization with a robust fraud detection solution that combines adaptive machine learning technology and powerful investigative workflows to deliver real-time fraud signals. Enhance detection with unsupervised machine learning, and mitigate financial loss from fraudulent accounts and account takeovers.

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DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q1 2019

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Access proprietary data and research results to discover the latest attack techniques and prevention strategies.

Download the Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report from DataVisor to receive unparalleled data-driven insights into the latest attack trends, and the most effective prevention strategies, based on analysis of over 44 billion events, 800 million users, 396 million IP addresses, and more.

A Double-Edged Sword: The Convenience of Online Lending for Customers and Fraudsters

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Online digital lenders have proliferated in the last few years, and traditional lenders have also rebalanced their…

Online digital lenders have proliferated in the last few years, and traditional lenders have also rebalanced their focus and have increased their digital efforts across all products trying to catch up with their nimbler rivals. As a result, the potential target for fraudsters to attack has become…

Expose fraudulent subscribers.

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