Transaction Fraud

Detect fraudulent transactions before damage happens, and create frictionless customer experiences for good users.

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"DataVisor has detected fraudsters hours—if not days—before they attack, and reduced fraudulent transaction damage by over 30%.”

Director of Fraud and Risk Strategy, Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Real-Time Protection for Digital Transactions

Protect real-time payments, wire transfers, and peer-to-peer transactions against sophisticated fraud at large scale. Detect transaction fraud in real time to prevent financial loss, while simultaneously allowing legitimate transactions to go through with no friction.


Real-Time Payments

Digital Wallets

Early Detection Before Damage Happens

Detect and prevent fraudulent accounts before they can be used to execute loss-causing transactions. Reduce response time to fraudulent attacks by detecting them hours in advance with the power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms.

No Historical Labels Needed

Comprehensive Protection on Day One

Proactive detection for New Attacks

Friction-Free Experiences for Good Customers

Eliminate friction for good customers. Process legitimate transactions without delays, complicated verification processes, or mistaken rejections. Optimize for business growth without incurring increased risk of attack.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Low False Positives

Real-Time Decisions

Reliable, Scalable Solutions

Draw insights from an integrated intelligence network of more than 4.2B global user accounts. Protect against fraudulent transactions with a highly scalable and reliable solution.

Big Data Architecture

Holistic Analysis

Extensive Global Intelligence

Stop Transaction Fraud with Advanced AI

Boost fraud detection coverage, make confident decisions in real time, and approve good transactions without friction.

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Intelligent solutions. Informed decisions. Unrivaled results.