DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q1 2019

Mining Intelligence From Data Signals

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In an era of rapidly increasing attack sophistication, the ability to interpret a vast array of data signals in real time, and at scale, is critical for organizations to proactively identify and stop fraudulent attacks.

To bring you this report, we analyzed over 44 billion events, 800 million users, 396 million IP addresses, and more. Download the Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report from DataVisor to receive unparalleled data-driven insights into the latest attack trends, and the most effective prevention strategies.

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Bots attacks cost companies roughly $80 billion a year. How do they work, and how can you stop them? In our latest ebook, DataVisor CTO and co-founder, Fang Yu, explains why coordinated bot attacks are so difficult to detect and prevent, and shares proactive strategies for protecting your organization.