Gartner® Infographic: Artificial Intelligence Use-Case Prism for the Banking Industry

Banking and financial services organizations can leverage AI across numerous use cases, and Gartner has identified the 20 most prominent.

Download the infographic to learn:

  • What AI use cases will deliver the most value
  • How to determine the best use case for AI in your organization
  • Additional resources to help you get started with AI

Gartner AI Use-Case Prism

AI is a powerful technology for fighting fraud, improving operations and optimizing the customer experience. In fact, McKinsey predicts AI will deliver $1 trillion in value annually to banking and financial services organizations. But deciding where to invest in AI-powered solutions can be challenging, because it’s applicable to a wide variety of use cases – from anti money-laundering to chatbots, authentication optimization, churn prevention and more.

Download the Gartner® AI Use-Case Prism for the Banking Industry, which outlines the 20 most prominent use cases for AI and provides resources to help banking CIOs determine where AI will have the greatest impact.

Gartner, Infographic: Artificial Intelligence Use-Case Prism for the Banking Industry, Moutusi Sau, Alexander Linden, Arun Chandrasekaran, David Norrie, Jason Ma, Refreshed 10 May 2022, Published 4 November 2020 

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gartner use case prism infographic
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