Gartner® Report : How to Reduce Dispute and Chargeback Costs in Digital Commerce Fraud Detection

In digital commerce, chargebacks are costly and disputing them is rarely successful. Gartner’s report provides best practices for reducing the cost and hassle of chargebacks.

Read the report to learn how to:

  • Prevent fraud and improve CX to reduce disputes
  • Shift liability to the card-issuing bank by using 3-D Secure 2
  • Deflect chargeback claims by using alert services
  • Refute disputes and chargebacks wherever possible

Gartner Advice for Fighting Chargeback Fraud

For every $1 of chargeback fraud committed in 2020, merchants pay $3.36. While monitoring transactions to detect fraudulent transactions helps, it’s not failsafe, and it can degrade the customer experience. Gartner’s latest report offers expert advice on how to reduce dispute and chargeback costs in digital commerce fraud detection, without adding friction for good customers.

How to Reduce Dispute and Chargeback Costs in Digital Commerce Fraud Detection, Akif Khan, Dayna Ford, August 3, 2020

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