Fake accounts? Treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Remove fake accounts, prevent new ones from bring created, and put an end to pervasive fraud attacks on social platforms.

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About the Webinar:

Fake user accounts continue to plague social platforms, largely because most existing fraud solutions are reactive, slow to adapt, and only treat the symptoms of fraud without addressing the cause.

The root problem is massive-scale attacks that are coordinated, sophisticated, and automated, and which are being committed by technologically advanced fraudsters adept at eluding legacy detection systems. Fake accounts are simply weapons used in these attacks.

By combining advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms, advanced contextual detection strategies, and holistic data analysis, dCube offers a comprehensive solution.

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Bots attacks cost companies roughly $80 billion a year. How do they work, and how can you stop them? In our latest ebook, DataVisor CTO and co-founder, Fang Yu, explains why coordinated bot attacks are so difficult to detect and prevent, and shares proactive strategies for protecting your organization.