Intelligence to Protect

DataVisor delivers the world’s most sophisticated AI-powered solutions to proactively detect and prevent known and unknown attacks, and to keep companies safe from fraud and abuse.

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Faster than the Speed of Fraud

Offering comprehensive protection across industries, DataVisor empowers organizations to stay ahead of new and emerging attack types using advanced machine learning approaches.

Leverage the Power of Unsupervised Machine Learning

Uncover hidden connections and surface suspicious patterns to prevent impending attacks before they're launched.

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The DataVisor Approach

Our approach to comprehensive fraud management combines applied machine learning capabilities with powerful investigative workflows and an intelligence network of more that 4B user accounts to deliver real-time fraud signals, insights, and protection to preserve trust and security.

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Early Detection

Uncover complex fraud patterns on day one; stop fraud before damage occurs.

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Rapid Time-to-Value

Receive actionable results right away; no historic labels or training data required.

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Seamless Customer Experience

Maintain frictionless customer experiences with high-accuracy detection and low false positives.

Scalable Intelligence

DataVisor protects the world’s largest and most successful companies from known and unknown fraud.


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malicious accounts detected


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Protect Your Business

“With DataVisor and unsupervised machine learning, we were able to identify and stop mass scale fraud attacks before they had any effect on our users.”

—Steve Knopf, Vice President of Trust and Safety, Letgo

Awards and Recognition

DataVisor Places in WSJ Top 25 Tech Cos. to Watch 2018

DataVisor is honored to be named as a Top 25 Tech Company to Watch 2018 by the Wall Street Journal for it's machine-learning, big-data fraud detection solution.

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DataVisor Featured in Forbes 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2018

Forbes recognizes DataVisor as one of the 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2018 for its application of Unsupervised Machine Learning to fraud detection.

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DataVisor CEO Yinglian Xie Honored in C-Suite Awards from Silicon Valley Business Journal

We are proud to announce that Yinglian Xie, CEO and co-founder of DataVisor, has been selected to be honored in the CEO category of the second annual Silicon Valley Business Journal C-Suite Awards.

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Intelligent solutions. Informed decisions. Unrivaled results.

DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q1 2019

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Access proprietary data and research results to discover the latest attack techniques and prevention strategies.

Download the Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report from DataVisor to receive unparalleled data-driven insights into the latest attack trends, and the most effective prevention strategies, based on analysis of over 44 billion events, 800 million users, 396 million IP addresses, and more.

Keeping Up with Fraud in Digital Banking

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Discover advanced strategies for managing the rapidly-evolving fraud attacks plaguing the modern banking sector.

Innovation is a hallmark of modern finance, and as banking expands online, organizations face intense pressure to defend against massive and rapidly-evolving attacks, while simultaneously preserving frictionless customers experiences, and meeting regulatory requirements. Discover the AI-powered…

DataVisor Releases dCube

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The AI-powered Fraud Management Solution That Delivers Expanded Control to Data Scientists and Fraud Teams

The AI-powered Fraud Management Solution That Delivers Expanded Control to Data Scientists and Fraud Teams

Defeat fraud for good.

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