DataVisor Fraud Detection Service

DataVisor offers fraud detection software that uses unsupervised analytics and machine learning to find malicious accounts lurking within banking systems, consumer-facing web sites and mobile apps and preventing the downstream attacks they conduct, such as:

  • Fake account registration
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Promotion abuse
  • Account takeover
  • Spam & fake reviews
  • Fake clicks & installs

How DataVisor Works

How DataVisor Works

We make fraud detection easy.  Send us your raw service event logs and we do the rest of the work. No labels or training data required!

DataVisor’s patent-pending Big Data security analytics engine for fraud detection will analyze your event logs and return fraud results to you via API in real-time or as a batch process periodically. We also provide every customer with their own DataVisor Threat Intelligence Console which includes a threat dashboard to visualize the health of  your online service, detailed fraud detection reports and customized query interface to aid in forensic investigations on malicious users and campaigns.

Industry Use Cases

Social Commerce: identify malicious user accounts within your service

Whether these accounts are legitimate users that have been compromised or fake accounts, and regardless if they are active attacking users or dormant “sleeper cells”, DataVisor provides unparalleled visibility to all the malicious actors residing within your site so you can restore trust to your site and protect your legitimate users.

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Password Protected
Credit Cards, Padlock, Computer

Banking: fraud detection in real-time

DataVisor’s fraud detection machine learning engine detects fraudulent transactions in real-time to dramatically reduce your financial loss. With DataVisor’s unique algorithm for fraud prevention there is no need for customers to update rules or models in order to stay ahead of fraudsters as they modify their attack techniques in the attempt to evade detection. In addition, DataVisor can detect entire crime rings often hours or days before they attempt a fraudulent transaction, which prevents chargebacks from happening in the first place.

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Gaming: discover bogus user acquisition and promotion abuse

DataVisor specializes in fraud detection machine learning, finding fraudsters attempting to abuse various forms of advertising and promotions. All consumer-facing web sites and mobile apps are focused on growing the size of their user base, and pay a large amount of marketing dollars to acquire new users. DataVisor fraud detection finds advertising fraud (e.g. impression fraud, click fraud, and mobile user install fraud) and promotion abuse to ensure your marketing dollars are going towards real, legitimate users not fake accounts or bad actors.

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Getting Started

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