Account Takeover

Protect Your Users From Being Compromised

Account takeover is a very lucrative business for cybercriminals, as compromised accounts contain financial or other valuable information and are more likely to be trusted since they belong to a legitimate user. Given the unprecedented number of data breaches over the past year, your customer’s credentials are readily available on the dark web, waiting to be leveraged by cybercriminals. Using an unsupervised machine learning approach, DataVisor’s User Analytics Platform excels at detecting large scale ATOs either at the point of unsuccessful login attempt or after the account has been compromised, stopping ATOs before any damage is done.

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Common Attack Techniques

Massive bot armies

Fraudsters use brute force to test stolen credentials or attempt to access accounts with weak password protection

IP obfuscation

Fraudsters utilize proxies, VPN or cloud-hosting services to hide their tracks from IP blacklists and rules-based systems

Device obfuscation

Fraudsters utilize mobile device flashing, virtual machines and scripts to appear as though the login events are coming from different devices

DataVisor Online Fraud Report

Learn about the techniques fraudsters use to evade detection

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Why Unsupervised Machine Learning for ATO Detection

Modern ATOs are massive in scale. A data breach at a popular online service could lead to fraudsters compromising hundreds of thousands of accounts at once. These coordinated and distributed attacks using stolen personal data are harder to detect with traditional fraud detection solutions that look at individual accounts in isolation. With our unsupervised machine learning detection algorithm, we look at all your user accounts together in a global view to find highly correlated, suspicious clusters of accounts.

Early detection

Detect account takeover at login before any downstream damage is done

Unparalleled accuracy and coverage

Pinpoint bad actors within your service without impacting good users

Unknown threat protection

Uncover new, sophisticated attack campaigns without any training data or labels

Key Features

Account health monitoring

View all information about the compromised account, including what suspicious attributes are shared within a fraud group

Account investigative console

Visualize, review and manage suspicious accounts with our easy-to-use DataVisor User Analytics Console

Real-time detection

Integrate using our real-time Results API to alert you on compromised accounts before they can conduct any damage

User details view shows account profile and events including ATO detection

Getting Started

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