App Install Ad Fraud

Stop Wasting Ad Dollars on Fake App Installs

It is common knowledge that a significant portion of installs from pay-per-install ads are not by legitimate users, but from fraudsters using hijacked or emulated devices to siphon off advertising dollars. Having few options to detect or prove that a given install is fake, mobile advertisers had no choice but to write the loss off – until now. DataVisor applies cutting-edge machine learning techniques to automatically scan millions of app installs and in-app events, identify fake users by correlating patterns in the data, and generate human-understandable detection reasons for each fraudulent install. This allows app companies to provide convincing proof of fraud to ad networks, enabling them to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in make-goods every month.

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Common Attack Techniques

IP obfuscation

Fraudsters utilize proxies, VPN, or cloud-hosting services to hide their tracks from IP blacklists and reputation-based systems

Fake retention events

Mechanical turks fake post-install activity in an attempt to appear more authentic and evade rules-based detection

Device obfuscation

Fraudsters utilize mobile device flashing, virtual machines and scripts to synthesize massive numbers of unique devices

Arm and swarm

Attackers test techniques at a small scale to stay under the radar, and launch massive campaigns after they identify detection gaps

DataVisor Online Fraud Report

Learn about the techniques fraudsters use to evade detection

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Why Unsupervised Machine Learning

Mobile app installs are a relatively new target amongst fraudsters, and the attackers are also some of the most sophisticated. Every day, fraudsters test and apply techniques such as device emulation, cloud hosting and mechanical turks to appear legitimate and authentic. Unlike rules-based or supervised models, DataVisor’s unsupervised approach is able to identify the complete set of fake installs in an attack by correlating subtle patterns in the data, including never-seen-before techniques that take advantage of detection gaps. This means that your protection against fraud can always stay a step ahead of the fraudsters – not trailing behind.

Unparalleled accuracy and coverage

Catch all members of the fraud ring without negatively impacting good users

Unknown threat protection

Automatically uncover evolving attack campaigns without any training data or labels

Continuous detection

Maximize detection by analyzing all data points, including post-install app launches and in-app events

Key Features

Easy integration

Configure your attribution provider such as Adjust or Appsflyer to automatically stream data to DataVisor in a few simple steps

Fake install reports

Generate compelling reports of fake installs by ad network to collect make-goods that can be re-invested in growth

User linkage visualization

Show linkage and shared attributes among fraudulent installs to identify fraud patterns and discover new attack techniques

Ad buying decision intelligence

Create custom charts to identify which ad network has the lowest fraud rate and provides the best ROI

Custom report view to determine which ad network or campaign provides the highest ROI

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DataVisor Joins Forces with Top Mobile Gaming Company to Fight User Acquisition Fraud

Learn how DataVisor helped one of the most well-respected gaming companies in the world, with a massive install base of more than 300 million users across 180+ countries, to fight user acquisition fraud such as fake installs using click farms.

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