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The Changing Tide of Financial Fraud

Modern fraudsters are more sophisticated than ever. Gone are the days where a single attacker uses a single stolen credit card to make a quick score. Financial fraud has become a professional enterprise, with a complete ecosystem of fraud-as-a-service stealing over $16B per year. The adversaries are now well-organized and coordinated groups of bad actors that utilize armies of fake and compromised accounts to conduct stealthy attacks posing as legitimate users.

Making matters worse, modern banking systems are exceedingly complex. Traditional banking fraud prevention systems were built for a simpler time. Reputation lists, rules engines and rudimentary analytics approaches are only good at catching simple fraud that follows predictable patterns. But the modern fraudster is anything but predictable. They test and reverse engineer your fraud prevention defenses, constantly evolving and evading detection. As a result, most current approaches to banking fraud prevention are inherently antiquated.

Preventing Financial Fraud Before It Happens

DataVisor provides a fraud solution for financial institutions using real-time unsupervised machine learning to uncover the most complex and sophisticated fraudulent activities before any damage is done. DataVisor protects financial institutions by identifying malicious accounts and fraudulent activities. DataVisor also leverages supervised machine learning, rules, and telemetry signals to deliver a complete online fraud platform.

“As a major global financial institution, we are a prime target for cyber attacks that steal the most liquid of assets: cash. DataVisor has detected fraudsters hours if not days before they attack and reduced fraudulent transaction damage by over 30%.”

– Director of Fraud and Risk Strategy | Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Benefits of Unsupervised Machine Learning

detected early or in real-time

Early Warning

Detect threats well before fraud is committed even among existing accounts and catch fraudsters during incubation.

additional detection

Unparalleled Coverage and Precision

Detect more fraud and reduce false positives with superior accuracy to avoid chargebacks.

bad accounts detected per day

Unknown Threat Detection

Uncover sophisticated campaigns and evolving attack patterns without labels or training data.

Key Use Cases

Stop Identity Theft

Prevent identity theft by stopping bad actors from creating fake bank accounts using stolen credentials from good users.

Identify Account Takeovers

Detect when good users accounts have been compromised by bad actors before it leads to damage for your customers or your platform.

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

Reduce financial fraud up to 50% above traditional fraud solutions by catching entire crime rings hours or days before they attempt a fraudulent credit card transaction or wire transfer.

Detect Malicious Insiders

Ensure you stay compliant with regulations by detecting insider abuse of financial promotions and malicious behavior.

Key Product Features

Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine

Identify unknown threats by linking bad actors together into malicious campaigns through correlation of user and event attributes.

Supervised Machine Learning Engine

Provide supplementary attributes from known bad actors discovered by unsupervised machine learning.

Automated Rules Engine

Generate rules automatically using DataVisor’s recommendation engine, powered by unsupervised machine learning.

DataVisor Global Intelligence Network

Monitor the broadest array of telemetry signals from over 1.3 billion users from a variety of verticals.

Early detection view shows how DataVisor catches crime rings before damage is done.

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Introducing the Automated Rules Engine

Keeping up with the growing mountain of rules is the biggest challenge for financial institutions today. They either decay and become ineffective or new ones are needed to keep up with the adapting attack techniques of today’s modern adversaries. Introducing DataVisor’s patent-pending Automated Rules Engine – an AI-based rules engine that automatically creates new rules and deprecates outdated rules based on attributes provided by our Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine. You can now focus on reviewing the highest risk alerts and stop attacks before any damage is done. Ready to redefine (minimize) your fraud detection efforts?

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Bringing Real Value to Our Customers


DataVisor Fights Fraud with Fortune 500 Financial Institution

This Fortune 500 financial institution suffered huge losses in fraudulent credit card transactions. Read this case study to learn how DataVisor help saved the financial institution millions of dollars per year.

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