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DataVisor Solutions for Mobile Gaming

DataVisor helps the world’s largest mobile developers recover and prevent millions of dollars in damage by automatically identifying various types of fraud and abuse such as fake installs, promotion abuse, and in-app purchases. Unlike traditional solutions, Datavisor’s machine learning algorithm looks at all users and events holistically from pre-install to in-app events, in order to automatically identify users that are fake or gaming your system. The unique combination of unsupervised machine learning, supervised, rules and reputation signals enable DataVisor to detect fraudulent behavior with unmatched precision and coverage.

detected early or in real-time

Complete detection

Detect fraud not only at point of install or purchase but through the entire lifetime of user events

additional detection

Unparalleled accuracy and coverage

Attain superior detection accuracy and coverage to recover more revenue and advertising dollars

accounts protected globally

Massively scalable

Fight fraud at scale by analyzing billions of events per day for your largest and most important mobile apps

Key Use Cases

Fake install detection

Save millions in advertising spend by automatically identifying fake installs generated by install farms, emulators and fake IPs

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Promotion abuse detection

Catch and shut down fraudsters attempting to game your system by taking advantage of new player bonuses and other promos

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Bringing Real Value to Our Customers


“We are keenly focused on growing our global user base of gamers. DataVisor helps us ensure new installs are from legitimate users, thereby maximizing our ROI from our user acquisition marketing and maintaining the quality of our gaming community.”

– CTO, Top 50 mobile gaming company


DataVisor Joins Forces with Top Mobile Gaming Company to Fight User Acquisition Fraud

Learn how DataVisor helped one of the most well-respected gaming companies in the world, with a massive install base of more than 300 million users across 180+ countries, to fight user acquisition fraud such as fake installs using click farms.

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Key Platform Features

Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine

Identify unknown threats by linking fraudulent installs together into malicious campaigns through correlation of user and event attributes

Supervised Machine Learning Engine

Provide supplementary attributes from known fraudulent installs discovered by unsupervised machine learning

Automated Rules Engine

Automatically generate and sunset rules daily using DataVisor’s recommendation engine, powered by unsupervised machine learning

DataVisor Global Intelligence Network

Monitor the broadest array of telemetry signals from over 1.3 billion users from a variety of verticals

Early detection view shows how DataVisor catches crime rings before damage is done

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Getting Started

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