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DataVisor helps the largest social networking properties and e-commerce platforms prevent fraud and abuse by detecting and stopping waves of attacks at their earliest signs. Unlike traditional solutions that look at individual accounts in isolation, DataVisor Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine analyzes all accounts and events simultaneously and identifies suspicious clusters of accounts and behaviors. This allows it to detect new, unknown fraud and abuse without training data or labels and often before attacks have been occurred.

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Stop Fraud and Abuse with Unsupervised Machine Learning

Mass Registration

Prevent attackers from creating armies of fake accounts, before they do any damage.

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Account Takeover

Detect when good users’ accounts have been compromised before attackers can use them to commit fraud or abuse.

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Spam and Fake Reviews

Maintain trust in your platform by preventing malicious users from sending spam or creating fake reviews.

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Promotion Abuse

Stop bad actors from exploiting new user promotions, virtual currency arbitrage, out-of-policy virtual goods transfers and more.

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Fraudulent Transactions

Reduce e-commerce fraud 30-50% above traditional fraud solutions by catching entire crime rings days before they attempt a fraudulent transaction.

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Learn How Our Customers Have Benefited from Our Solution


“DataVisor’s user analytics are an important part of our spam detection system and helps prevent malicious accounts from interacting with real users and businesses.”

– Jim Blomo
Engineering Manager | Yelp


Learn how Yelp Stops Fake Accounts with DataVisor

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Learn how Pinterest Stops Fraud and Abuse with DataVisor

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Learn More About Our Use Cases in the Real World


DataVisor Uses UML to detect 50% more Account Takeovers than a major online payment platform’s in-house solution.

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Momo uses DataVisor’s Detection Solution to detect mass account registration and account takeovers among its 180 million users.

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DataVisor helps a top social app prevent new account promotion abuse, stopping millions of lost revenue.

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Key Benefits of the DataVisor Detection Solution

early detection

Detect “sleeper cell” accounts before they wake and conduct damage by analyzing all incubating event types – not just attacking events

additional coverage

Detect new, unknown attacks by analyzing the hidden connections between accounts.

detection accuracy

Detect the entire crime ring at greater than 99% accuracy by linking all malicious users together into fraud groups

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The DataVisor Detection Solution

Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine

Predict new, unknown threats without labels or training data by analyzing hundreds of millions of accounts and events simultaneously using the industry’s most advanced unsupervised learning technology.

Supervised Machine Learning Engine

Use industry leading supervised machine learning algorithms to augment the unsupervised machine learning detection with client-provided labels.

Automated Rules Engine

Generate and deprecate rules automatically, lowering maintenance costs and improving results explainability.

DataVisor Global Intelligence Network

Aggregate and analyze the industry’s broadest array of digital fingerprints and signals from billions of users across a variety of industries.

Account linkage view to discover hidden links among malicious accounts

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Fake accounts are a bigger problem than ever. With so many new security technologies, why are they still so prevalent? Recent studies show that approximately 10 percent of accounts on social media sites are fake. Other reports are more drastic: Instagram’s crackdown on spam fake accounts in December of 2014 exposed 18.9 million (29 percent) of followers of the Instagram official account as fake.

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Cyber Attackers Turn Location-Based Services Against You with Spam Account Profiles

Social spam is not new. We’ve all experienced our share of unsolicited comments, stranger friend requests, phishing links, fake reviews, and click-baiting. But as online services introduce new features to make connecting and sharing content easier than ever, social spam is rapidly taking on new shapes and forms.

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Infographic: The Online Fraudster’s Tool Shed

DataVisor releases a new infographic highlighting the tools fraudsters use to build their armies of attackers. From their email addresses to their use of cloud services, we know what they are doing when they are DIY-ing an attack.

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