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The Hidden Enemy Threatening Your Online User Growth

The proliferation of online services and mobile apps is leading us to a new era of billions of online users today. Well-organized attack campaigns are using this growth to their advantage, creating “sleeper cell” armies of fake and compromised accounts to hide in the shadows and conduct various forms of fraud against websites and mobile apps.

In addition to the growing number of cyber attackers targeting user accounts, there is also an increasing number of vulnerabilities in these online services for these fraudsters to exploit. Modern websites and mobile apps have evolved from single function apps to advanced multi-function platforms that share e-commerce, social, gaming, and online-to-offline service features.

Traditional fraud solutions that only look for fraudulent transactions are no longer effective to protect these more advanced online services. A more holistic security solution is needed to understand the complete health of your online service.

Catch It Before It Happens

DataVisor helps large social and ecommerce services prevent fraud and abuse by using unsupervised machine learning to identify bad actors hiding within their platform. DataVisor protects consumer-facing websites and mobile apps by identifying malicious accounts and thereby preventing the downstream damage they conduct. DataVisor also leverages supervised machine learning, automatic rule generation engine, and telemetry signals to deliver a complete online fraud platform.

“DataVisor’s user analytics are an important part of our spam detection system, and helps prevent malicious accounts from interacting with real users and businesses.”

– Jim Blomo | Engineering Manager | Yelp

Benefits of Unsupervised Machine Learning

detected early or in real-time

Early Warning

Detect threats well before fraud is committed even among existing accounts and catch fraudsters during incubation.

additional detection

Unparalleled Coverage and Precision

Detect more fraud and reduce false positives with superior accuracy to avoid chargebacks and bad user experience.

accounts protected globally

Massively Scalable

Able to handle billions of events per day to support the largest internet properties.

Key Use Cases

Stop Fake Account Creation

Prevent crime rings from creating armies of fake accounts within your online service, before they can conduct any damage.

Identify Account Takeovers

Detect when good users accounts have been compromised by bad actors before it leads to damage for your customers or your platform.

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

Reduce e-commerce fraud up to 50% above traditional fraud solutions by catching entire crime rings hours or days before they attempt a fraudulent credit card transaction.

Silence Fake Reviews and Likes

Maintain trust in your platform by preventing malicious users attempting to deliver fake reviews and likes.

Block Spam

Ensure a good user experience with your platform by preventing spammers from posting illicit or annoying content.

Detect Promotion Abuse

Identify how bad actors are abusing new features on your platform, such as exploiting first-time user promotions, virtual currency arbitrage, out-of-policy virtual goods transfers and more.

Discover Fake App Installs

Save millions of dollars per year by ensuring your advertising dollars are going towards real, legitimate users not fake accounts or bad actors.

Key Product Features

Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine

Identify unknown threats by linking bad actors together into malicious campaigns through correlation of user and event attributes.

Supervised Machine Learning Engine

Provide supplementary attributes from known bad actors discovered by unsupervised machine learning.

Automated Rules Engine

Generate rules automatically using DataVisor’s recommendation engine, powered by unsupervised machine learning.

DataVisor Global Intelligence Network

Monitor the broadest array of telemetry signals from over 1.3 billion users from a variety of verticals.

Early detection view shows how DataVisor catches crime rings before damage is done.

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Introducing the Automated Rules Engine

The biggest challenge for companies using a rules engine for fraud detection is maintaining its effectiveness over time with limited human resources. Introducing DataVisor’s patent-pending Automated Rules Engine – an AI-based rules engine that automatically creates new rules and deprecates outdated rules based on attributes provided by our Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine. You can now focus on reviewing the highest risk alerts and stop attacks before any damage is done. Ready to redefine (minimize) your fraud detection efforts?

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Bringing Real Value to Our Customers


DataVisor Helps Momo Users Find Friends Not Threats

With over 400 million users, Momo is one of the largest social platforms in the world. Learn how DataVisor helped Momo dramatically reduce spam and phishing attacks, illicit ads, account takeovers, and fraudulent account creations.

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