Feature Platform

Accelerate the feature engineering process from weeks to minutes, and create advanced fraud features to build sophisticated models and rules.

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Boost Detection with Advanced Features and Sophisticated Models

Accelerate the feature engineering process and empower data science and risk teams to rapidly deploy features to production. Leverage global intelligence from more than 4.2B user accounts and draw on advanced deep learning features to increase coverage and reduce false positives.

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Increase Coverage for Every Fraud Scenario


Generate thousands of high-quality features in minutes, enriched by AI and machine learning engines.

Advanced Detection

Leverage the integrated power of global intelligence, deep learning, and superior domain expertise.

Centralized Repository

Manage vast numbers of features across teams, and monitor feature dependency to increase efficiency.

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The Feature Platform Difference

From getting immediate results with out-of-the-box features, to engineering complex features using feature templates in the UI, DataVisor’s Feature Platform ensures you have the right features for your organizational needs.


Accelerate feature engineering with out-of-the-box features and built-in feature templates for rapid production deployment.


Rapidly add and deploy features and ensure consistency between batch and real time, without needing additional IT support.

Domain Expertise

Leverage superior fraud domain knowledge and exclusive data from across 4.2B protected accounts across the globe.

Efficient. Tailored. Comprehensive.

The DataVisor Feature Platform is a critical component of any comprehensive fraud management solution, and can be seamlessly integrated to enhance detection and prevention at scale.

Protect your business, your customers, and your data.

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