Case Study

Large Mobile P2P Marketplace Uses DataVisor to Create a Trustworthy and Safe Platform

Fraudsters create online accounts to build up their reputation, only to attack once they know they can evade rules-systems to spam customers or abuse sign-up promotions.

DataVisor has recently partnered with a large, mobile, peer-to-peer marketplace to protect against various fraud and abuse activities such as fake listings, spam, and account takeovers. DataVisor’s Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine was able to detect previously unknown attacks with speed and accuracy.

How DataVisor Helped:

  1. Increased detection rate by 10x, compared to existing rules-based system
  2. Detected 90% of fake listings immediately after they were posted
  3. Identified 60% of spammers within 2 days of signup

Download the Case Study:

DataVisor P2P Marketplace Fraud, Spam, and Abuse Case Study - Small