Inverting The Fraud Approach: Fraudsters Can Check In, But Never Leave

PYMNTS Digital Fraud Tracker, February 2019

It’s not easy being one of the world’s largest financial institutions, especially when it comes to fighting application fraud. That’s why BBVA goes the extra mile to deploy innovative strategies that are as unconventional as they are successful. Learn more from Dickson Chu, Global Head of Portfolio Management at BBVA, in the new edition of the PYMNTS Digital Fraud Tracker, powered by DataVisor.

What’s in the new Digital Fraud Tracker:

  • Invert your fraud approach, and prevent more losses
  • Identity theft, and its effect on financial institutions
  • Beware fraudsters raising chickens (you’ll have to read the Tracker to find out what that means!)

Download the Digital Fraud Tracker: Digital Fraud Tracker - February 2019, Powered by DataVisor