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Dec 2018 – Jan 2019: How Neiman Marcus Fights Evolving Fraud with AI

Shamoun Siddiqui, CISO of Neiman Marcus, discusses how Neiman uses AI to fight fraud in a wide ranging interview Learn how Ominchannel Experiences create new fraud risks, how fraudsters obfuscate their activity to evade detection, and why Neiman is investing in AI to solve its toughest fraud problems. 

Discover more insights in the Nov. Digital Fraud Tracker:

  • How Neiman Marcus uses AI to fight rapidly evolving attacks without harming UX.
  • How Omnichannel creates new opportunities for fraud.
  • Overview of recent fraud news, including spikes in fraud related to gift cards, returns, and pickup-in-store purchases.

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Digital Fraud Tracker - December 2018 Cover