Digital Fraud Tracker

PYMNTS Digital Fraud Tracker Sep 2018​

The tide of cybercrime is rising, yet there are promising new technologies available today well equipped to protect financial institutions. As leading banks like Ally learn to balance convenience and security, they are increasingly using sophisticated new technologies like AI and Machine Learning to reduce risk, while minimizing impact on customer experience.’s latest Digital Fraud Tracker takes a deep dive into AI and Machine Learning to mitigate fraud and examines the most recent security breaches impacting consumers, market trends, new solutions and more. We are delighted to share a copy of this Digital Fraud Tracker with you.

What You Will Learn in this Tracker:

  • Data theft projected to surge 175% in five years, and other fraud trends
  • How AI, ML, and Algorithms are being used to fight digital fraud
  • An introduction to Unsupervised Machine Learning with DataVisor CTO Fang Yu on how it can detect coordinated fraud without historic labels.

Download the Digital Fraud Tracker: Digital Fraud Tracker, Powered by DataVisor, Sep 2018