ThePaypers Open Banking Report 2018

Building Trust, Gaining Consent, and Improving Customer Experience

ThePaypers’ Open Banking Report provides a comprehensive
analysis of the global state of play and the most notable initiatives in the European Union (driven by PSD2), the UK (driven by the Competition
and Markets Authority), and even beyond Europe.

The present edition of our Open Banking Report puts particular emphasis on key topics such as new business models, customer experience, IT challenges, security, privacy, and consent. These topics prove to be the stepping stones in building the strategic thinking of stakeholders, who will, in the end, find the best path and choose the right partners to travel across Open Banking.

Discover more insights in the 2018 Open Banking Report:

  • An overview of open banking in the EU, UK and worldwide
  • Opportunities for banks & third parties
  • How banks can ensure security of their systems and APIs
  • How open banking improves customer experience

Download the 2018 Open Banking Report:

ThePaypers Open Banking Report 2018 Full Cover