ThePaypers Web Fraud Authentication Guide – Introducing Zero-Factor Authentication

From Multi- to Zero-Factor Authentication

ThePaypers’ latest report provides a series of insightful perspectives from industry associations and leading market players on key aspects of the global digital identity, transactional and web fraud detection space.

The guide is divided into three parts. The first focuses on the overall industry – its most acute problems and leading trends. Next the report covers the technologies and solutions in the market today available to address the challenges faced by the industry. Lastly, the report spotlights leading solution providers and their unique capabilities and areas of emphasis. 

In an Executive Insight, DataVisor CEO Yinglian Xie discusses the future of Zero-Factor Authentication, a next-generation authentication technology. Multi-factor authentication reduces fraud, but FI’s are looking for next-gen solutions because of its poor customer experience. Zero-factor authentication could be the answer: By continuously verifying a user’s identity across all devices with AI & Big Data tech, ZFA provides better authentication without KBA questions or codes. 


Discover more insights in the Web Fraud Authentication Report:

  • The current state of the digital identity & fraud detection industry.
  • Deep dive on ZFA, how it works, and why it outperforms MFA.
  • Best practices for mitigating fraud in banking.

Download the Web Fraud Authentication Report:

ThePaypers Web Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification & Authentication Guide 2018-2019 - Full v2