Webinar Recording

Dumb & Dumber vs Ocean’s 11

Fraud Attacks Are Not Created Equal. Neither are Fraud Defenses.

About the Presenter

Sathya Chandran

Sathya Chandran

Security Research Scientist at DataVisor // Sathya is an expert in applying big data and unsupervised machine learning to fraud detection, specializing in the financial, e-commerce, social, and gaming industries. Sathya holds PhD in CS from the University of South Florida and has previously worked at HP Labs and Honeywell.

About the Webinar:

Sophisticated fraud attacks that are extensively planned, hard to detect, and highly scalable are becoming the new normal for online platforms. Learn more about the spectrum of fraud attacks – from bumbling to sophisticated – and how you can defend against each type in our upcoming webinar.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Not Created Equal: Understanding the Spectrum of Fraud Attack Sophistication.
  • Evolve & Scale: How fraudsters evolve to avoid your defenses and scale their attacks once they detect weakness.
  • Armed to the Teeth: The library of powerful, inexpensive, and readily-available tools fraudsters use to evade detection.
  • A View from the Top: How unsupervised machine learning allows DataVisor to see through sophisticated evasion and obfuscation techniques.

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