How Vulnerable Are You Willing to Be?

Bot-powered fraud is supremely challenging to detect, and even harder to prevent. Attacks are often massive in scale. The question isn’t whether your organization can afford to invest in prevention. The question is, can you afford not to?

To defeat bot attacks, you need to meet scale with scale. DataVisor’s advanced fraud management solutions detect even the largest, most complex, most cleverly disguised attacks. Unrivaled domain expertise informs every feature; proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms adapt in real-time; a massively scalable detection engine correlates behavior across users and accounts.

Protecting Large Organizations from Massive Attacks Across Industries


Financial Services

Proactively detect known and unknown fraud with high accuracy. Enable analysts to confidently make bulk decisions that can be applied to hundreds of cases within the same fraud ring. Reduce fraud losses and increase operational savings.

Online Marketplaces - Blue cropped

Online Marketplaces

Uncover suspicious accounts and fraudulent registrations early in the incubation stage, and flag scam content by spotting similar attributes and behaviors across accounts. Seamlessly adapt to new markets and changing attack patterns.

Social Platforms - blue cropped

Social Platforms

Use advanced machine learning models to analyze user histories, behavior changes, and suspicious patterns. Capture sophisticated, large-scale, coordinated account takeover attacks before damage can occur.

Deploying Fraud Prevention at Scale

The introduction of bots to the fraud equation means organizations now have to contend with an entirely new scale of fraud. The larger the fraud ring, the more likely bots are involved, and the more that bots are involved, the harder it is to detect the fraud, because the hallmarks of a bot attack can change very rapidly.

High Detection Accuracy

By holistically analyzing profile information, cross-account linkages, behavioral data, and digital footprints such as device IDs, datacenter IP subnets, email addresses, and browsers, DataVisor’s fraud solutions are able to capture significantly more fraud than less sophisticated systems, resulting in significant reductions in fraud losses.

Frictionless Customer Experiences

By combining the adaptive power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms with aggregated intelligence from DataVisor’s Global Intelligence Network, organizations can achieve high detection accuracy and low false positive rates at scale, ensuring frictionless experiences for good customers.

Increased Operational Efficiency

DataVisor’s fraud solutions can identify clusters of linked accounts and group them by fraud pattern. Analysts then need only to review a handful of sample cases before confidently applying bulk decisions to all applications within a single fraud ring.


Ready to enhance your detection with unsupervised machine learning?