Modern Social and Mobile Threats

The proliferation of online services and mobile apps is leading us to a new era of billions of online users today. Well-organized attack campaigns are using this growth to their advantage, creating “sleeper cell” armies of fake and compromised accounts to hide in the shadows and conduct various forms of fraud against web sites and mobile apps.

A Growing Attack Surface Area

In addition to the growing number of cyberattackers targeting user accounts, there is also a growing number of vulnerabilities in these online services for these fraudsters to exploit. Modern web sites and mobile apps have evolved from single function apps to advanced multi-function platforms that share ecommerce, social, gaming and online-to-offline service features. Traditional fraud solutions that only look for fraudulent transactions are no longer effective to protect these more advanced online services. A more holistic security solution is needed to understand the complete health of your online service.

User Account Crosshair

Traditional Fraud Solutions Are Ineffective

Legacy fraud solutions are no longer effective at detecting these modern adversaries that have developed an array of evasion techniques to appear as legitimate users, and that overwhelm the capacity of traditional systems by creating armies of hundreds of thousands of malicious accounts that launch millions of attacks per day.

The table below summarizes the security solutions commonly used at online services, and the attack techniques used by fraudsters to circumvent these security measures. DataVisor’s unsupervised approach is adept at catching advanced attackers even when they employ these evasion methods.

Threat Landscape Table

DataVisor’s Mission

Our mission is to build and restore trust in online communities and services and to protect every one of us legitimate users by finding the hidden enemy lurking within these properties.

DataVisor is the only company able to:

  • Catch ‘sleeper cells’ before they incur any damage

  • Detect all members of a crime ring

  • Adapt to evolving attack patterns

  • Analyze trillions of events per day

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